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Hundon Parish Plan

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This is a summary of all the main recommendations and outcomes that the ‘we’ – the people who live in Hundon Parish, would like to see happen in the next five years. With appropriate supporting evidence for a need, the plan can have additional actions added, and will be overseen by the Parish Council and any proposed Action Plan Group.



General Actions


What we want


The Parish Plan is a living document and co-ordinates activity that will provide a better way of life for our parish and its people.


We can achieve this by

1.      Forming a committee made up of Hundon Residents, representatives of village organisations and representatives of the Parish Council in 2011 to initiate and oversee the Hundon Parish Plan.  

2.      Consulting the village every 5 years and update the village plan.  

3.      Fund raising events are planned and co-ordinated to ensure that the parish can fully benefit from external grants as well supporting new projects and existing organisations


Housing and Development


What we want


To supply affordable accommodation for all age groups and                                                                                 ensures that our existing green space remains a feature of our village.


We can achieve this by

4.      Informing our councils, who should recognise our housing development preferences including the retention of existing green space. Hundon Parish Council will provide a local housing need and development plan for the next 10 years with open consultation with the parish. 

5.      Affordable housing for both young and old is pursued and monitored bi-annually as part of the housing development plan to provide the future needs of the parish. It will include the need for sheltered (wardened) housing in Hundon or in the wider locality 


Community Care


What we want


To organise new community events and give voluntary support, entertainment and skills to all.


We can achieve this by


6.      Organising a number of new events such as a Village fete, Superstars or Bonfire Night, ‘Flicks-in-the-Sticks’.  A new organisation, (possibly made up of existing clubs, societies and committees) is set up to oversee such events for fundraising and enjoyment.  

7.      Setting up a working group to explore and pilot a ‘Good Neighbour scheme’. With an associated register of volunteers and support networks. 

8.      Exploring wider activities of the youth club, such as children’s entertainment or ‘Flicks-in-the-Sticks’ for teenagers. 

9.      Creating opportunities for adult education for our parish to increase skills, knowledge and employment.


Our Church and Amenities


What we want.


Our Church is used for worship and community events and remains an important part of our parish.


We can achieve this by

10.  Encouraging and welcoming more people to use our local church both as a place of worship and for communal events.

11.  Considering the suggestions from the parish plan consultation for communal events to ensure our church plays an active role in our community


Public Transport


What we want


To improve access by public transport to the facilities provided by local towns.


We can achieve this by

12.  Seeking a full review and impact assessment on public transport for children and adults in the rural areas of the Borough.  

13.  Encouraging the local authority to review the need for a more frequent transport  service between Hundon, Clare, Bury St Edmunds and Haverhill. 

14.  Influencing  the local authority to review and publish recommendations on the use and safety of double-decker buses in rural areas for school transport.


Community Health and healthy living


What we want


To improve access to health care and support healthy living.


We can achieve this by

       15.  Exploring a prescription collection and delivery service to the village shop

 16.   Supporting champions to set up appropriate facilities for healthy recreation. For example: keep-fit, table tennis and badminton. 

       17.  Exploring the potential and cost for community transport for access to health care.


Information and Communication


What we want


To receive interesting and factual information on the news, activities, services and recreation within the parish and adjacent communities.


We can achieve this by

18.  Forming an editorial support group as part of the Hundon Herald, to strengthen the strong support from readers to help source articles from within the parish and neighbouring communities.  

19.  Forming an editorial group will work with the Hundon Herald and the Village Website to develop an annual information fact sheet for existing residents and a ‘Welcome Pack’ for new residents.

20.  Providing Internet training to parishioners to provide and allow improved purchasing and access to communication and information.


Roads, Traffic and Anti-social Behaviour


What we want


To be proactive in reducing anti-social behaviour and take on collective responsibility to reduce crime and improve safety in our parish.


We can achieve this by

21.  Reviewing current ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ schemes to investigate if any new areas need to be set up in the parish. Information on active schemes is made easily accessible for residents to see. 

22.  Forming a residents group to work in conjunction with the dog warden and community police and initiate a proactive and hard hitting campaign to drastically reduce incidents of  dog fouling and litter in the village.

23.  To inform organisers of events and facilities around the village hall and playing fields, that they will be responsible for any litter created from their activities. The parish council will source new litter bins for strategic locations around the village and green spaces. 

24.  Promoting the ‘Adopt a Street’ scheme where local residents regularly pick litter in their vicinity. More litter bins need placing in areas where litter is a habitual problem. The council should review the need for a paid litter picker in key areas if all else fails.   

25.  Forming a residents group, under the direction of Clare community police to monitor and provide evidence of traffic speed and proactively make motorists aware of speeding. Repeat offenders or locations may require police intervention. The local council should review the need for speed warning signs in key locations within the village and surrounding communities

26.  Seeking a sustainable solution to both safety and parking in the school vicinity through the parish council, school and highways department. 

27.  Approaching farmers using ‘banging’ bird scarers near residential areas to encourage the use alternative approaches. 

28.  Forming a working group to review the state of our highways and roadside ditches in the Autumn and Spring and that collective responsibility occurs to report problems quickly so that road safety is maintained.




What we want


To ensure that our services and utilities provide good value and are kept in good working condition.


We can achieve this by

29. Forming a  working group that will consider  bulk purchasing for gas, electricity and telephone following on from the success of the ‘Oil’ buying group.

30 Reviewing the mains drainage and sewer systems in the village and communicate the findings  to the parish

31 Forming a working group to review the state of our highways and roadside ditches in the autumn and spring and that collective responsibility occurs to report problems quickly to ensure road safety is maintained. A policy and clear action on gulley and ditch cleaning both inside and outside the village should be documented and revisited on an annual basis

32 Reviewing both the location and the amount of time that street lighting is in operation.


Younger people


What we want


Younger people need a ‘voice’ in the parish and “more things to do”.


We can achieve this by

33. A forum or youth council for younger people to express their views and concerns will be setup and report to the Parish Council every six months. The forum should make a sound business case for any proposed new ideas. For example, a skate board park or zip wire.

34 Ensure there is sufficient financial support for the youth club and sufficient volunteers are recruited to ensure it continues as a successful entity. The club should consider if it should be the hub for the issues of younger people

35 Funding the purchase of a projector and screen to support ‘Flicks-in-the-Sticks’.

36 Making the Astro pitch more accessible at no-cost or low-cost to younger people for games activities including netball and basket ball.

37.  Funding considering the feasibility of a new ‘older’ children’s playground for use by the school and the parish, with structures such as a round-about or see-saw, zip wires, bigger slides and out door table tennis


Elected Representatives, Trusts and Emergency services


What we want


Our elected representatives, public bodies and emergency services demonstrate that Hundon is valued through improved communications.


We can achieve this by


38.  Raising the profile of our emergency services through effective communication in the Hundon Herald and village website.  An increased visible presence of community policing would ensure that there is an ethos of security and safety within the parish

39.  The parish council being more open on contentious issues and dialogue and debate should be initiated when possible contention is recognised. It should consider ways to increase effective dialogue with the parish. For example: Having an annual working plan or councillors having specialist areas of responsibility.

40.  Our member of parliament and local councillors reporting back to our parish council and Hundon Herald / village website on their achievements for our community for the year and the aspirations for the following year.

41.  The Rogeron Trust demonstrating transparency of its duties and publishing its activities at least once a year. It should encourage new people onto the trust to ensure that it adequately represent the community. It must clearly demonstrate democracy, transparency and leadership for a community asset. It should actively promote the uptake of grants to fulfil all the trusts objectives and give reasons for any shortfall of targets.


 Caring for our Environment and making our Village even Greener to Enjoy


What we want


We enjoy our countryside, care for our environment and help protect our climate for future generations.


We can achieve this by

42.  The parish council and land owners should exploring how more circular walks and bicycle routes could be sign-posted.

43.  Creating a partnership with wildlife groups and explore how a survey of the parish could enhance our knowledge of our local countryside.

44.  Funding to facilitate bulb and wild flower planting in an ‘Adopt a street’ campaign to make our parish even more attractive.

45.  Facilitating an action group to look at opportunities to increase the utilisation of renewable energy, increase household insulation, reducing household bills and reducing the carbon footprint of the parish.

46.  Creating a working group under the direction of the parish council to review and report on flood risks in the village and form an action plan to mitigate against future flood events on both roads and to protect property.


The Allotments


What we want


People and wildlife utilise the allotments through improved facilities and sensitive management of this site.


We can achieve this by

47.  An open consultation, facilitated by the Rogeron Trust with the parish, on both the provision of land for the allotments (including the supply of water) and the management and use of land surplus to immediate requirement.

48.  Creating an allotment association that will facilitate the day to day running of the allotments and discuss promotion of new allotment holders and provision of a machinery sharing group.


Business and Employment in Hundon


What we want


Businesses and local employment are supported by recognising local skills.


We can achieve this by

49.  Facilitating and collecting a register of skills that could be updated and published annually to help businesses and residents find local skilled people for employment 

50.  Creating a job vacancy board in the village shop and village website.


We have fully considered all the comments given to us at the meeting and will be publishing the revised actions on the village website shortly and copies will be available at the village shop.


You are still welcome to comment on these recommendations, although the window of opportunity is only until December 12th

Email or write to HPP, 5 Farmerie Road, Hundon. CO10 8HA

With any further comments or recommendations


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